Welcome to Point Lobos!

Welcome to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

Often called the “crown jewel” of the California state park system, Point Lobos Reserve is a protected environment. Please treat Point Lobos as if you are at a museum: nothing should be collected, removed, or disturbed from the land or the marine environments. Take only pictures, leave only with memories.

There are many trails that lead to varied beautiful sites. The Lace Lichen Trail connects Sea Lion Point with the Entrance and generally follows the paved road.

Carmelo Meadow trail, on the right side near the entrance, goes to Whalers Cove. To reach Gibson Beach and Bird Island and China Cove, take the South Plateau Trail, which branches left at the beginning of the Lace Lichen Trail.

A trail map is available for purchase at the entrance or Information Station, with additional information about the reserve and contains the available cell phone tour stops.

Please listen to stop 301 using the keypad icon in the bottom navigation to enjoy the Reserve in a respectful manner.