899. QR Code Intro

Welcome, this short introduction will give you information about the use of QR, or Quick Reference, codes for this cellphone tour. QR codes are the small square, black and white images located on the signposts of the cellphone tour stops. These images function very similar to a simple barcode on consumer products but have the capability to encode complex data. This cellphone tour has expanded content available quickly and easily through these QR codes. To access a QR code you first need a smart phone or other internet capable mobile device. Your device must have a camera and app, or application, capable of reading the QR codes. These apps are available free of charge on most mobile devices through the application store or market, simply search for “QR code reader”. After downloading the application and installing it on your mobile device, you are now able to launch and follow the on screen instructions for reading the QR codes using that application. Next simply point your camera at the QR code and allow the application to scan it. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to navigate to the website linked, we encourage you to say yes to view the cellphone tour website with enhanced content. From this website you may view photographs and slideshows of the various stops along the cellphone tour as well as a text format of the audio tour. Thank you for using California State Parks cellphone tour.