883. Arts and Crafts Movement

The natural wood grain curving and crossing throughout Morgan’s buildings captures the essence of the Arts and Crafts style. Architect and Julia Morgan specialist Russell Quacchia: RUSSELL QUACCHIA: Her use of redwood left unpainted showing the grain of all of the material and how the life of wood grows is a part of the sensibilities of the arts and crafts movement. NARRATOR: Arts and Crafts originated in late 19th century England as a reaction against industrialization. It took on a distinctly Japanese influence as it moved west to California. This Japanese style surfaces most clearly in Julia Morgan’s use of glass. Her windows are often cut into many small sections, mimicking the look of a Japanese screen. In many parts of California, the Arts and Crafts movement blossomed into a lifestyle. Folks began sleeping outside, raising their own fruits and vegetables, and even restricting themselves to ice cold showers.