851. Shipwrecks

Imagine being captain of a ship trying to navigate this rocky coast, late at night, in dense fog. More than 100 unlucky vessels have been lost near here to the treacherous rocks and heavy surf. Two of these shipwrecks occurred on the shores of Asilomar. ACTOR’S VOICE – RADIO REPORTER: April 26, 1909. Around 3:30 this morning, the oil barge Roderick Dhu ran aground on the rocks just south of Monterey. The vessel was being towed by the tug “Relief” when the tug’s captain lost his way in dense fog and turned ashore, well south of his destination. NARRATOR: Luckily, the barge wasn’t carrying oil when it ran aground on the rocks. No crew was injured, but the barge was a total loss. Twenty-four years later, a second boat wrecked on Asilomar’s coast. In the early hours of September 25, 1933, the 75-foot Coast Guard patrol cutter CG256 collided with the rocky shoreline in dense fog. The captain and crew tried desperately to free the vessel from the rocks. But the hull had been gashed, and the crew was forced to abandon ship. All six crew members made it to shore safely, but the cutter had to be left to rust on the rocks. Remains of many doomed ships still lurk below the treacherous rocks off Asilomar’s coast.