850. Pebble Beach

Looking south from the Asilomar boardwalk you can see one of the developments of the famous Pebble Beach community. It’s Spanish Bay Resort and Golf Course, built in the 1980s. When Asilomar was owned by the YWCA, towering sand dunes with native plants stretched all the way to [the] rocky outcropping on the horizon, known as Pt. Joe. The property was owned by the Pacific Improvement Company, later known as the Del Monte Properties, and today as the Pebble Beach Company. In 1943, the Owens-Illinois sand-processing plant built a mine in the dunes to excavate the silica and wash the sand clean of salt to sell for cement. By 1965, the dunes were nearly gone, and the mining plant closed. The Asilomar concessionaire attempted to buy the abandoned 192 acres of dunes for the state beach. But unfortunately the Del Monte Properties wanted the property for a resort and golf course. However, they agreed to preserve the fore dunes and beach lands adjacent to Asilomar State Beach in their natural state. As the Pebble Beach community was expanding near Asilomar, so too was the community of Pacific Grove.