843. Animal Tracks

Even if you don’t see all of Asilomar’s animals during your visit, you may find evidence of their presence. Try walking the dune boardwalk early in the morning. You’re almost sure to see some tracks in the sand – raccoon, deer, fox, and crow. Because all of Asilomar is animal habitat, you should be able to find prints without leaving designated trails. Several deer trails crisscross the boardwalk. Asilomar’s black-tailed deer leave distinctive, heart-shaped prints. Where there are prints, you’ll likely also find droppings, or scat. Black-tailed deer leave oval-shaped pellets. Tracks that look like tiny human baby hand and footprints were made by raccoon. Raccoons have five toes on both the front and hind feet. Their long, dexterous fingers help them climb, hold objects, and manipulate their food. You can also find bird tracks on the grounds. Crow tracks are up to three inches long, and show three toes facing forward and one backward. In loose sand, there’s often a long drag mark left by the middle toe. Another tracking clue: Birds that forage on the ground alternate their feet, like humans. Birds that mostly perch in trees leave paired prints as they hop.