841. Native Plant Nursery

At Asilomar’s native plant nursery you’ll find a solar-heated hothouse and a protected shade house. More than 450,000 plants, representing 45 species, have been grown here since 1984. State Park Senior Environmental Scientist Tom Moss. MOSS: All the plants that we grow are collected from seeds that grow here at Asilomar in the dunes or out along the shoreline. So at the right time of year we gather up the seeds, and over about a three to four month period, we care for them in the plant nursery. NARRATOR: Once they’re planted in the dunes and coastal bluffs, 90 percent of these plants survive. Lorrie Madison, Retired State Park Environmental Scientist. MADISON: A lot of the common dune species that we grow are beach sagewort, yellow and pink sand [verbena], dune bluegrass, seaside daisy, dune gum plant. Forest species: we’re growing a lot of smaller shrubs that we’ve lost over the years from deer herbivory and...human disturbance. We’re trying to get more manzanitas out there and blue blossom ceanothus, monkey flower, toyon, wax myrtle, and a lot of [native] grasses.