832. The Meadow

This meadow is a transition zone that separates the dunes and coastal area from the forest. It’s a place both open and sheltered. This is a good place to see a variety of birds and small mammals. The meadow is also a barrier. The trees here protect you – and the nearby buildings on the conference grounds – from wind and salt spray. Their graceful, twisted trunks and windswept branches are good examples of how plants adapt to their environment. Take a look at the trees around you. You can almost see the shape of the wind in their gnarled forms. From the meadow, you can take the boardwalk through the dunes to the coast; or head inland to explore the forest and conference grounds. Whichever direction you choose, please take a few reminders with you. Animals here have grown used to people; but for your safety and theirs, please don’t feed or go near them. Enjoy the native plants, animals and tide pool life from a respectful distance -- collecting is strictly prohibited. With your help, this fragile and beautiful “refuge by the sea” will thrive for generations to come.