824. Fireside Complex

DENNIS HANSON: If we do make changes, we're hoping that it's done in the sense of meeting the needs that are more currently reflective of-of the clientele that come here. NARRATOR: That’s Retired State Park Superintendent Dennis Hanson. After twenty-eight years in the Monterey area he witnessed many changes at Asilomar, including the construction of newer buildings like these. In 1976, Clark Davis, of the San Francisco architectural firm of Stone, Marraccini and Patterson, was the principal-in-charge for the Fireside complex project. Clark’s director of design was Michael D. Kelly, who designed the cluster of buildings that provide guest sleeping accommodations and two accompanying meeting rooms. Construction was completed in 1981. Notice how Kelly works with Asilomar’s pre-existing architectural styles. The influence of Arts and Crafts is present in his use of wood and stone. There’s even a bit of Warnecke’s island style in the way these buildings relate around a central open court like a pavilion. Inside, Kelly easily integrates modern amenities. Functional elements like lighting, projection screens, or even chalkboards are everywhere, but they’re always neatly tucked away. The Fireside meeting room was renamed Farr Forum in 1998, after State Senator Fred Farr. Along with Assemblyman Alan Pattee, Farr helped California State Parks purchase Asilomar.