821. Sea Galaxy

Architect John Carl Warnecke always built in clusters at Asilomar. This one’s called the Sea Galaxy Complex, and it consists of five buildings: Cypress, Shores, Nautilus, Triton and Windward. Warnecke kept Julia Morgan’s Arts and Crafts style in mind. All his buildings are wood and punctuated with plenty of windows and wooden decks. But the size and functionality of this complex strongly affirms Asilomar’s identity as a conference grounds. Retired State Park Superintendent Dennis Hanson. DENNIS HANSON: It provides an atmosphere for the guests that's more natural and more rustic opportunities and more of a camp kind of atmosphere -- which is the -- the basic premise for this facility and was created back by the YWCA…and it's maintained that same atmosphere all these years… It looks like -- a lot like it might have been if you would have visited in 1935 or '45 or '55. NARRATOR: Warnecke always aimed to capture Asilomar as it was in its early years while catering to a modern clientele.