820. Surf and Sand

Look into the central meeting room of the Surf and Sand conference building. Notice the beams bursting from the center of the ceiling in a star pattern. Long wood panels lead your gaze out into nature. What you can’t see here are the blackboards and projector screens hidden in the walls and ceiling. Retired State Park Superintendent Dennis Hanson. DENNIS HANSON: We the department and the concessionaire are always constantly looking at ways to provide those additional amenities that might be on demand but yet not compromising in the atmosphere of Asilomar. NARRATOR: Surf and Sand were the first structures added to Asilomar after Julia Morgan’s original buildings. California State Parks acquired Asilomar in 1956. Just three years later they hired San Francisco architect John Carl Warnecke as architectural director. Warnecke worked with wood, stone, and glass, incorporating Morgan’s sensibility. His hand-split cedar shakes and sliding glass walls fit right in. Also, notice how Surf and Sand harmonize with nature. Each building seems to float weightlessly above the dunes. Warnecke designed seven major structures at Asilomar.