811. Pirates' Den

811 - Pirates' Den, 1923

Designed as the men's dormitory, this 1923 building became known as the Pirates' Den in honor of the male staff hired by the YWCA each summer to assist with the heavier maintenance duties needed at the conference grounds. As with he Stuck-Up Inn, Morgan included a living room with redwood board and batten paneling, rustic debarked log trusses, and stone fireplace. the original south end - supported by trusses and surrounded by rustic pine stick work - included 12 open-sided sleeping rooms draped in striped canvas, and a shared restroom. In the 1930s, the sleeping quarters were enclosed with windows, and the lower half of the building was infilled.

This group of plucky young men often provided entertainment during meals in the Crocker Dining Hall. There were originally named "Pie Rats" by the dining hall staff for their penchant for pilfering the pie desserts. The name was morphed into "Pirates" by the young men who paid tribute to author Robert Louis Stevenson, by giving themselves names of characters in his novel, "Treasure Island." (See hallway display for the Pirates' story.)