808. Stuck-up Inn

808 - Stuck-Up Inn, 1918 Opened for the 1918 conference season, the Stuck-up Inn featured sleeping rooms separated with canvas drapes, which were also used for exterior walls. Nevertheless, staying in the Stuck-up Inn was probably a luxury for the girls. Those who worked during conferences, either in the dining hall, in housekeeping, or as counselors, were among the privileged few allowed to stay here (see the hallway exhibit for their story). In the early years a room next to the main entry was reserved for the house mother. The living room includes rough debarked log trusses and the only brick fireplace Morgan built in the YWCA housing at Asilomar. Morgan added built-in bookcases and storage units, and installed seating beneath the west windows, which afforded a view of the thick forest that surrounded the building when it was constructed. The east wing, added in the early 1920s, created an enclosed courtyard that still provides one of the most private spaces on the conference grounds. As with the tent houses, the Health Cottage, and Pirates' Den, the crawl space was enclosed with repurposed rustic pine stick work.