802. Grace H Dodge Chapel Auditorium

802 - Grace Dodge Chapel Auditorium, 1915 The Grace Dodge Chapel Auditorium was Morgan's second permanent building at Asilomar. As with her other Asilomar buildings, Morgan left the exterior wood unfinished. The Chapel features deeply pointed stone rubble of varying sizes and shapes, and stone ledges that jut out from below the window bays and from the top of the chimney. As with the social Hall frieze, gable ends and window bays were clad in bark-on pine logs. The central auditorium is flanked with wings that can be closed to serve as meeting rooms. One notable interior feature is the carved, goldleaf covered inscription below the clerestory, adapted from Psalms 93:4 and Isaiah 49:13, augmented by a recessed shell pattern. The enormous plate glass window behind the stage reveals the dunes and forest and fills the interior with the sunset's changing colors.