412. Whalers Of Monterey

Stop #412 Whalers of Monterey.

When Andrew Silveria arrived in Monterey in the 1870s, there was already a thriving Portuguese community here. Many Portuguese whalers had come from the Azores to California to work in the growing whaling industry along the California coast. Some of these whalers settled in Monterey where there were several shore whaling companies. Andrew Silveria, whose name was changed to Andrew Perria after immigrating, worked for one of these companies. The Old Company of Portuguese Whalers operated out of the Old Whaling Station. Shore whaling in Monterey declined by the 1890s due to the scarcity of whales and a drastic drop in the value of whale oil. Perria left the industry but remained in Monterey. He worked as a laborer and a gardener. Eventually he built this house for his family in the Colonial Revival style of the early 1900s.