411. Sherman Quarters

Sherman Quarters.

This one-room stone and abobe building was built by Thomas Oliver Larkin in the late 1830s. It was one of several out-buildings on the Larkin property, however its initial use is unknown. During the Mexican American War, it was used as the quarters of William Tecumseh Sherman. Sherman was a Lieutenant in the 3rd US Artillery assigned to California during the war. He arrived in Monterey aboard the USS Lexington on January 26th 1847. Initially he was assigned as quartermaster of the commissary, with his office and living quarters in the Custom House. By late spring, Sherman was assigned as adjutant-general or chief administrative officer to Colonel Richard Mason. Colonel Mason was the military governor of California, and Monterey was his headquarters. It was about this time that Sherman began living in this building. He was housed here for about a year. By the summer of 1848, news of the discovery of gold was spreading throughout California. Sherman was sent to the gold fields to compile a report to confirm the discovery. For the rest of his military service in California, Sherman would travel extensively and lived elsewhere in town when returning to Monterey. Sherman resigned from the Army in 1853 but rejoined at the start of the American Civil War. He would rise to the rank of General and gain fame while serving with General Ulysses S Grant.