410. Casa del Oro J Boston Store

Open Thur-Sun 11:00- 3:00

Stop # 410 Casa de Oro – Joseph Boston Store One of the most frequently visited of Monterey State Historic Park buildings, the Boston Store takes us back to the Early American period of Monterey. It was built in 1845 out of chalk rock by Thomas Oliver Larkin who was American Consul to Mexico at the time. Local legend has it that this was briefly used as a hospital for ailing seamen who were put ashore and placed under the care of Larkin and his wife, Rachel. Later it was used to quarter soldiers under the command of young Army Lieutenant William Tecumseh Sherman. In 1850, Joseph Boston signed a five-year lease with new owner Jose Abrego to operate a general store that offered everything from garden seeds to grinding stones – anything that would interest a frontier homemaker. Eventually, locals would call the building Casa de Oro or House of Gold from the gold dust stored there by miners returning from the Sierra during the California Gold Rush. The safe that protected that gold can still be seen in the store today. David Jacks bought the store 1n 1859 and the Jacks family continued to own the building for the next 50 years, eventually donating it to the state of California in 1939. Today, the Boston Store is managed by the Historic Garden League who has operated it as a retail business since 1995.