402. Pacific House

Open Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-4:00

Stop #402 Pacific House The Pacific House was built in 1846 on the property of American Consul to Mexico Thomas Oliver Larkin, who was also its architect. The style of construction, sometimes called Monterey Colonial, echoed the style of Larkin’s own home, just a few blocks south. Notice the American-style hipped roof-line with wood shingles, and exaggerated eaves designed to protect the adobe walls from rain. Originally, the United States military used it for office space and as a storage facility. Over the decades, the building served many uses, including as a County Court House and Clerk’s office, a jail, tavern, hotel, law office, and even a local newspaper office in 1858. A popular pastime were the weekly bull and bear fights that took place in the corral on the west side, pitting California grizzlies against fighting bulls. By the 1920s ownership passed to Margaret and Vita Jacks who built the small compatible-style building to the south adding a landscaped tea garden known as the Memory Garden. Today, the Memory Garden is a popular place for weddings and occasions of all kinds. If you are interested in booking the Memory Garden for your special event, wait for the phone number given at the end of this message. By 1954 the property was given to California State Parks and opened as a museum in 1957. The need for extensive repairs closed the building from 1996 to 2000, after which the Pacific House Museum re-opened to the public with new exhibits featuring Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Early American periods. The upper floor now features a collection of Native North American artifacts. If you are interested in booking the Memory Garden for your special event, please call 831-649-7118.