351.Point Lobos: South Shore Trail

Tide Pool life along the south shore
Two Harbor Seals hauled out in Sand Hill Cove

South Shore Trail (351)

The South Shore Trail follows along dramatic ocean cliffs, fantastic rock formations, grassy meadows and pebbly beaches for one mile -- between Sea Lion Point and the Bird Island parking area.

Along this trail, you will navigate a stairway, some uneven rock surfaces, and portions of the trail where there are no guide wires.  Walk carefully, and be aware of ocean waves and slippery rocks. 

Remember to never turn your back on the ocean.

 Be alert, and you may see harbor seals hauled out on offshore rocks at Sand Hill Cove, Black-tailed deer grazing at Mound Meadow, and Black Oyster Catchers foraging for mussels at Weston Beach, named after world-renowned photographer Edward Weston. 

 As you walk, respect the fragility of the bluff plants and tide pool creatures. Each plant, animal, piece of driftwood, empty shell, stone, or clump of washed up seaweed is an important part of nature’s cycle at Point Lobos. Protect these; take nothing but photographs and memories.


Sea Anemone in Weston Beach tide pool