321. Point Lobos: Sea Lion Point

Sea Lion Point trailhead
Sea Lions on Sea Lion Cove beach
Sea Lions on Sea Lion Rocks (scope photo)

Sea Lion Point and Sand Hill Cove Trail (321)

This trail takes you through one of nature’s seaside gardens to a magnificent ocean view. On the way, ground squirrels and brush rabbits scurry and sparrows perch on the bushes to sing. On the north side of the trail in Headland Cove, look for sea otters in the kelp and harbor seals that often bask on the beach or on the rocks across the cove at the water’s edge.

In Sea Lion Cove look for hauled-out harbor seals and sea lions, cormorants on the rocks and Brown Pelicans soaring overhead. Barking California sea lions are also seen farther out on the offshore rocks. The rock conglomerate here is known as the Carmelo Formation and is about 55 million years old.

The Devils Cauldron between Sea Lion Point and Sea Lion Rocks is often a churning display of ocean power. This is Punta De Los Lobos Marinos or Point of the Sea Wolves in Spanish and is where Point Lobos gets its name.

This is a loop trail and from the Sea Lion Point Parking area is about six tenths of a mile, and will you take about 30 Min. depending on how much time you spend enjoying the cove overlooks and view of Sea Lion Rocks offshore. The Sea Lion Point/Sand Hill Trail is Wheelchair, walker, and stroller - accessible.