300. Welcome to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Welcome to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve!

Point Lobos is a special place where you can enjoy, appreciate and feel connected to the natural world. We hope your visit will inspire you to learn more about its natural and human history, and to support conservation efforts to preserve our wild and natural places.

The place we know today as Point Lobos lies within the ancestral homeland of the Native Esselen and Rumsen people. Their ancestors lived here for thousands of years prior to European arrival and today it is considered a sacred place.

Often called the “crown jewel” of the California state park system, this Reserve is a protected environment. Please treat Point Lobos as if you are at a museum: nothing should be collected, removed, or disturbed from the land or the marine environments. Take only pictures, leave only with memories.

The Lace Lichen Trail will connect you to Sea Lion Point and the Information Station. Use the Carmelo Meadow trail, on the right side near the entrance, to go a short distance to Whalers Cove.


To access ALL the tour stops please download the free App: “California State Parks OnCell.” The web version is available at “CASTATEPARKS.ONCELL.COM” or you may dial in using the phone number on the tour signs. 

To learn even more about Point Lobos, a free App for tablets can be found by searching for “Discover Point Lobos.

Enjoy your day!