213. Firing Range, Mid-range

213. Firing Range, Mid-range: Training Procedures (1 minute and 43 seconds)
Matt Bischoff, Historian III 

Hello! I am Matt Bischoff, Historian for California State Parks, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about the officers who were responsible for these ranges.

Range 8 contained several firing positions, established at set distances from 100 to 500 yards from the targets. This was one of the firing positions. Range towers were built along the length of the range, stationed at each firing position

Upon reaching the ranges, a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), generally a Platoon Sergeant would inspect each weapon and issue a clip of ammunition. Soldiers were arrayed on the firing line, approximately 5 yards apart, with each soldier firing at a particular target. Each position and firing lane had a number, which was marked with wood stakes. Soldiers fired from four positions: free-standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone.

Once everyone was in position, their rifles loaded, another NCO would climb up in a range tower and shout:

     “Ready on the Left?

An officer on the left of the firing line would respond:

     “Ready on the Left.”

This would be followed by:

     “Ready on the Right? Ready on the Firing Line?

And finally:

     “Commence Firing!”

After all clips had been fired each rifle would be inspected to ensure no live ammunition remained. All brass casings were collected and turned in at the completion of time on the range.