209. Bunkers

209. Bunkers: Ammunition Storage Magazines (1 minute and 12 seconds)
Kris Quist, Curator II

Hello! My name is Kris Quist and I am a State Park Museum Curator for the Monterey District. I want to share some information about these 12 bunkers that are before you.

The ammunition storage magazines (more commonly referred to as ammo bunkers) were built during the creation of the rifle ranges in the vast build up of Fort Ord during World War II.

Several range operation activities were also housed at the Ammunition Storage area, including the repair of targets and lane markers. There were also several offices in the area and the guard tower which is still standing.

The ammo bunkers contain a variety of ammunitions, including bullets and high explosive shells. There were two types of ammo bunkers; 8 of which measured 26 x 60 feet; and the other 4, 26 x 40 feet.

They are all constructed of reinforced concrete; a heavy metal door on the front provides the only access, and each bunker was equipped with electrical power. Various additions were made to the area over the years, including a series of steel buildings in the mid-1980s, with protective earthen berms constructed around them.