114. Pfeiffer Family

Michael and Barbara Pfeiffer.
Florence and John Pfeiffer.
Julia Pfeiffer Burns.
Florence and John Pfeiffer's Home.
Pfeiffer's Ranch Resort, circa 1920s.
Big Sur Post Office at Pfeiffer's Ranch Resort.
John Pfeiffer's Homestead Cabin.

The first Europeans to permanently settle in Big Sur were Michael and Barbara Pfeiffer. They arrived in 1869 with their four children and settled in Sycamore Canyon. Once settled, they had four more children. They supported themselves through beekeeping, farming and logging. Their eldest son, John, lived near the Big Sur River in the Homestead Cabin until he married his wife Florence. John and Florence eventually opened Pfeiffer’s Ranch Resort, on the site of today’s Big Sur Lodge, when the area became a popular destination. John sold his 680 acres to the State of California in 1933, which became the centerpiece of the park. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is named in his honor. John’s sister, Julia, was also a beloved member of the Big Sur community, and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is named in her honor. Many of the areas in and around the park are also named after the Pfeiffer family, including Pfeiffer Beach, Pfeiffer Falls and Pfeiffer Ridge.